Sustainability Consulting:

We support clients in the planning and development of sustainability strategies. We advise on implementation of management systems to support organizational sustainability goals and programs.

We team up with the world’s biggest companies to achieve ambitious goals. Including: strategic cutting cost, process reuse, revenue creation, reducing risks, and strengthening brands. We do this by incorporating sustainability into all aspects of the organizations business as well as to its employees to build sustainability into your business strategy for the long haul.

As a leader in the sustainability consulting industry, KCX is uniquely positioned to help our clients move beyond issues of mere compliance and into high-performance profitability. KCX specializes in helping companies identify unique opportunities to reduce consumption, grow brand and public relations interest, manage, reduce, and reuse waste, start or grow a CSR initiative and maximize organizational impact.

Application and inclusion of LEED® “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s,” frameworks as well as expertise related to energy and water conservation projects, landscaping with native and adaptive plants, waste minimization, waste recycling projects, HVAC systems, and human productivity in the built environment among others, makes KCX ideally suited for all your sustainability needs. Our combination of practical experience and LEED Accredited Professionals ensures that we deliver expert advice that balances environmental and cost issues.