About Us:

KCX is a dynamic management, sustainability, and social consulting firm. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, KCX delivers world-class solutions both to the region and around the globe. We help organizations improve their business performance through international understandings of efficiency and better business by providing cost effective solutions to complex problems. 

Extensive global experience and an enviable track record of providing efficient solutions to our Clients’ sustainability, business, and social challenges coupled with our founding principles makes KCX the firm it is today. The founding principles of KCX are embedded in the combined wisdom of the "five capitals" model of sustainable development put forth by the organization Forum for the Future, as well as a triple bottom line - sometimes referred to as the "people, planet & profit" method - put forth by the United Nations. KCX utilizes these models, and others, in a customer-centric way that enhances our ability to deliver for our clients’ growth and project goals. 

We pride ourselves on an interconnected and holistic approach to solving problems as well as our culture of innovation and excellence. We acknowledge the importance of working with our clients in a collaborative manner. This not only ensures the best result for the client and their needs, but also takes into account flexibility and understanding with regard to culture.

Our track record for success and preference for industry experts attract talented individuals to work with KCX. These individuals are often assembled into teams or charrettes, and are comprised of varied educational, linguistic, and knowledge backgrounds that make delivered services possible.

Constantly growing, KCX is committed to both continuous development and CSR through exciting and rewarding projects and opportunities. This includes pro bono work in the community as well as launching new initiatives to make the KCX brand stronger around the world. 

In an effort to deliver a more comprehensive and efficient point of contact for our clients when it comes to solutions that face businesses everyday. KCX has therefore developed affiliations with several trusted parties who may be brought in to facilitate delivery of expertise that meet our clients expectations. Such affiliations bring collaborative and highly skilled teams together to meet the challenges that face our clients when these challenges lie outside the core business disciplines of KCX.

Some of Our Clients

I was in need of a quick fix to a big organizational problem at my place of business, KCX was the perfect solution. I am totally satisfied.

Ronald Toning - Delaware STEM Council