Management Consulting:

The Management Consulting division of KCX undertakes projects on behalf of public, private, and nonprofit sector clients. Our strength lies in our experience in the conception and design of innovative management solutions together with the development of appropriate supporting systems within and for a given organization. Building off this core experience in the field of management system design and implementation, the team at KCX uses specific, practical, experience in the fields of organizational design, training, and capacity building, customer relationship management, organizational strategy, etc. 

The management team at KCX is qualified to the highest standards in the unique core disciplines of management and economics, as well as a in a range of quantitative disciplines which support our analysis and resolution of organizational problems. In addition to traditional consulting services, KCX also delivers general management services. This can range from strategic and long range planning, to training's and professional development, to
acting as general manager on behalf of an organization on an interim basis to provide both strategic and daily operational management in a wide range of arenas.

Most of our clients retain our services for the long-term indicating both the breadth of KCX's capacity and our concern for entities to have continued success during all stages of an organizations life.

Leadership Transition and Interim Executive Director Options:

KCX Consulting offers expertise during leadership transitions for many organizations. In addition to consulting during transitions, we provide Interim Executive Directors to help assists organizations, Boards and staff during times of executive transition. Recognizing that leadership change is increasingly common and often complex, KCX is able to help manage the change process as an organization identifies new leadership. These high-quality hand-selected individuals are carefully matched to each organization and their anticipated transition needs. This allows KCX to bring an objective view and professional demeanor to effectively work with staff and the Board and the day-to-day operations thus freeing resources and time for the organization as it finalizes a permanent executive director. The interim customizes an approach for the short-term that works with the Board members and other key stakeholders to create a plan and timetable that fits your organization’s culture & needs.

Example Framework:

The first phase includes an initial assessment and evaluation during which the interim is fulfilling all customary duties of the executive director while working with the board and staff to identify and prioritize organizational issues for organizational success and impact. Phase one typically takes six to eight weeks and results in the development of a work plan for the interim executive to successfully address organizational priorities while the board finalizes its hire of a permanent executive director.

The second phase generally involves the interim focusing on executing the mutually agreed upon work plan priorities while continuing to fulfill all the regular duties of the organizations chief executive. Some of these responsibilities can include: managing staff, working with the board, fiscal oversight, development and fund-raising, etc. In this capacity, the Interim Executive Director is performing the typical duties of the Executive Director with responsibility for daily operations and organizational management – but with an objective eye that no one within an organization can possess.