Mission Statement

To continually provide our clients with world-class expertise in the fields of management, sustainability and social consulting. KCX does this by giving clients candid and specific advice that promotes dramatic improvements that not only stand the test of time but are also good for the bottom line both now and in the future.

 Our Values

  • Clients first, Always.

  • Professionalism: The associates at KCX have some of the most experience in the industry.

  • Integrity: The continued success of our clients is our 'win-win' situation.

  • Building the future: KCX solutions help construct and inspire innovation, one client at a time.

  • Diversity: The best solutions are those that are comprehensive and cover all foreseeable obstacles.

  • Sustainability: Is an essential value as it continues to define & redefine the future of business around the world.


The 5 Capitals and Triple Bottom Line Models help provide a foundation for understanding sustainable development in terms of the economic concept of wealth creation. All organizations utilize these models to deliver their products or services. A sustainable organization, consistent with these models, will maintain and enhance these stocks of capital assets, including the natural resources and the environment, rather than contribute to their depletion or degradation. This approach to the nature of wealth creations is predicated on the understanding that the best way to be operate successfully in the future is to be appropriate stewards today.

Keeping in mind the true global nature of modern business, it is clear that there are consequences of imbalance caused by looking at development, on any scale and in any region, from the perspective of a single ‘capital’ or bottom line. Growth that exists exclusively at the expense of other considerations inevitably leads to a future where further development becomes impossible.

KCX took its name from these models and understandings. It is, however, not the intention of KCX to focus on building or promoting the theory of any one model. Rather, we are acknowledging the value of these models as an aid to contextualizing the competing pressures of development inherent in sustainability, social, and management consulting. KCX firmly believes that a holistic approach to solving business problems is a value-added approach that continues to be profitable now and in the future. 

KCX has an expert team with extensive experience in exceeding businesses needs and finding solutions to management and sustainability challenges. In an effort to deliver a more comprehensive and efficient service for our clients, KCX has a comprehensive network of affiliations who may be brought in to facilitate delivery of expertise that meet client expectations. Such affiliations bring collaborative and highly skilled teams together when these challenges lie outside the core business disciplines of KCX. Currently KCX has affiliations with S-DMA to jointly deliver marketing and PR advice outside the United States.