Environmental Consulting:

The Claims Support Professional Association states, “The handling of environmental issues or claims has become a highly specialized process. Due to the broad spectrum of environmental protection situations, the need for highly specialized experts, with the capabilities and commitment to emergency action, cause and origin investigation, mitigation planning and project management, has become a critical requirement to meet the ever-growing demands to protect the environment worldwide." It is from this multidisciplinary and professional approaches the complex and technical circumstances surrounding environmental consulting.


KCX seeks to raise the standard for the quality of environmental advice delivered each time a new project presents itself. This approach offers timely solutions while simultaneously raising awareness of environmental issues to developers, owners, stakeholders and the community at large.

Our team has extensive experience in partnering with leading companies in the region and world-wide to deliver the highest quality services encompassing environmental consulting, engineering, contracting, and project management.

To ensure the value of our advice, KCX is proud to maintain approved status and registrations with all of the relevant regulatory bodies.